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from 103 €/guest/night

Air-conditioned 16-person holiday fully equipped kitchen, large living room, a heated swimming... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Guest house (16 persons, 3 double bed) 16 *
500 €
Holiday house for 10 persons (16 persons) 16 *
412 €

Hotels Őriszentpéter - Mihály Vendégház-Őrsági Kulcsos Ház 's page

Accomodations near Őriszentpéter

from 44.07 €/guest/night

Our guesthouse is located in Szalafő, in Lower Silesia, at the end of a hidden dead end, where... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
5 bed apartment (5 persons, 2 double bed)
176.30 €

Hotels Szalafő - Berkenye fogadó 's page

Ninszianna Vendégház - Hegyhátszentjakab
from 16.13 €/guest/night

Guest House Ninszianna, Hungary, Hegyhátszentjakab Owner-operator: Regina Patrona Hungariae... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double bed apartment (2 persons)
64.52 €
Double room private (2 persons, max. 2 additional bed)
64.52 €
Barrier-free room (2 persons, max. 2 additional bed)
64.52 €

Hotels Hegyhátszentjakab - Ninszianna Vendégház 's page

Orbán Porta - Szalafő
from 17 €/guest/night

In the Őrség National Park, in the village of Szalafő, in Felsőszer, we are waiting for guests with... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double bed apartment (2 persons, max. 1 additional bed)
68 €

Hotels Szalafő - Orbán Porta 's page

Tókert Vendégház - Őriszentpéter

Our guest house is in the Guard, the capital of the southernmost point of Őriszentpéter in... More...

Hotels Őriszentpéter - Tókert Vendégház 's page

Apartments for 12 people. 3 x four-bedded room has two toilets and two showers, large lounge... More...

Hotels Őriszentpéter - Fazekas Vendégház és Kemping 's page

Legyen a vendégünk az Őrségben lévő Nika Vendégházban, ahol barátságos, nyugodt,... More...

Hotels Őriszentpéter - Nika Vendégház az Őrségben 's page

Tó Panzió - Bajánsenye

"Iron County, southwest corner of this forest, groves slashed by beautiful scenery where... More...

Hotels Bajánsenye - Tó Panzió 's page

Szent Jakab Turistaház - Hegyhátszentjakab

St. James Coach House Guard, the lake is Vadása B category, accessible cottage. 6 rooms with 46... More...

Hotels Hegyhátszentjakab - Szent Jakab Turistaház 's page

Nádkunyhó Vendégház - Hegyhátszentjakab

Hegyhátszentjakab the Guard at the gate, a separate guesthouse in the center of the village... More...

Hotels Hegyhátszentjakab - Nádkunyhó Vendégház 's page

Angyalka Lak - Magyarszombatfa

The Guard, Pit Hall / Hungarian Tree Saturday, annexed a long time ago independent settlement /,... More...

Hotels Magyarszombatfa - Angyalka Lak 's page

The blue background painted furniture Guesthouse (7 2 persons) with two apartments, which... More...

Relax in the Guard Rattles cottages in a beautiful village, surrounded by forests, environment,... More...

Hotels Szalafő - Csörgő Vendégházak 's page